Subtitle Workshop to Encore DVD converter

This page will convert subtitle files made with URUsofts Subtitle Workshop to textfiles compatible with Adobe DVD Encore.
The files must be saved as DVD Subtitle System files in SW and be in the following format:

hh:mm:ss:zz hh:mm:ss:zz This is a subtitle//with a new line
For example:
00:05:12:78 00:05:14:30 - Do you like Cows?//-Yes I do!

This line will be converted to:

00:05:12:19 00:05:14:07 - Do you like Cows?
-Yes I do

This is the format I have found that Encore reads. Notice that the milliseconds is converted to frames

Here is what to do:

  1. Select TV system. PAL or NTSC.
  2. Paste the text from the .txt file generated by Subtitle Workshop into the text area below.
  3. Click the submit button at the bottom of the page.
  4. On the resulting page you will see the converted data in the box.
  5. Select all the data and copy it - then paste it into a new text file (use Notepad - it's the easyest).
    Save it as a textfile with Unicode encoding.
  6. Import this file into Encore DVD as a Subtitle script.

Select TV format:
PAL (25 Frames) NTSC (30 frames)

Paste your subtitles here:

This converter is supplied as is for free. There is no support or guarantee that this will work for all files. It is not carefully tested. It was made in a hurry to get a job done, but since there seems to be a lot of people using Subtitle Workshop and Adobe Encore DVD with the same problem, I thought other people might find it usefull. None of the data submited is stored at this end.

I'll try to get our programmer to improve it a bit once he is back on monday (27. oct 2003). Thanks Leigh!

This 100KB limit is forced via IIS - If you urgently need more data than 100KB converted then send a request for this feature - if enough requests are made then the script can be improved. (In the meantime you could always cut the file into smaller sizes.)

Subtitle Workshop is a product from URUSoft
Adobe Encore DVD is a product from Adobe